Children’s Pediatric Dentist: Cambridge, Toronto, Fergus

Pediatric Dentist at Country Dental

Going to the dentist is an absolute necessity. This is especially true for young kids who are more prone to dental cavities and other dental problems due to the large amount of sweets and junk food that children tend to consume.

It is always advisable to take your child to a pediatric dentist as soon as his or her first tooth appears, or definitely by his or her first birthday.

From Baby Teeth to Permanent Teeth

Children normally get their first set of teeth (often called ‘milk teeth’) by the age of 6 months and typically lose these milk teeth and get their second set of teeth (permanent teeth) by the age of 6 or 7 years. It is absolutely essential to check in regularly with our pediatric dentists in Cambridge or Toronto during this process to ensure healthy and strong teeth for your child.

A visit to the dentist is often scary, even for adults. Naturally this fear is often more intense in children. At Country Dental, we understand this.

With many years of experience in pediatric dentistry and having dealt with hundreds of different child patients, our Ontario dentists in Toronto, Cambridge and Fergus understand the many facets involved in the psyche of a young patient visiting a dentist.

We know that children in particular are extremely reluctant to visit a dentist and must, at all costs, have a comfortable, friendly and enjoyable experience when having dental work done. This ensures that all future dental visits will be stress free and happy. To this end, we have a pediatric dentist on staff in each dental clinic to especially cater to children.

What Is Pediatric Dentistry?

A pediatric dentist specializes in the field of child dentistry.

After obtaining the license to work as a dentist, a pediatric dentist studies for two to three more years, learning the nuances of working as a dentist with only kids as patients.

The patient range of pediatric dentists normally includes children right from birth all the way through their adolescence. Apart from being dentists for children, pediatric dentists are great resource persons for parents. They can act as educators for the parents, helping them to identify problems in their children’s teeth early on and promoting healthy oral habits.

Our pediatric dentists can clarify any doubts parents may have about their child’s teeth. The pediatrician can make the parents aware of how to teach their kids to brush the right way and how to stress the importance of flossing daily.

Your pediatrician can also suggest child friendly dental products like toothpastes and mouthwashes. And they can help new parents with advice on easing the teething process for their children.

Country Dental’s Cambridge and Toronto pediatricians help parents plan a healthy diet for their children, which will in aid the healthy development of their child’s teeth.

Moreover, our Country Dental pediatricians can advise parents on the normal ages for teething of their children, thereby helping them identify any problems early on.

Country Dental’s pediatric dentists are well equipped to cater to all the dentistry needs of children including risk assessment of cavities in both mother and child. They can help in early straightening of teeth and take corrective measures to alleviate improper bite.

Working With Young Dental Patients

Country Dental’s pediatric dentists have a vast amount of experience in handling and working with kids. They have typically taken a few courses on child psychology. This really makes them adept at dealing with younger dental patients.

This is very essential since kids are usually impatient and restless and do not enjoy sitting in dental chairs for long hours at a stretch. Dr. Anoushe, one of Country Dental’s pediatric dentists, also offers sleep dentistry for children with complicated cases or in need of special care. Our sleep dentistry is performed in our dedicated surgical suite and is supervised by a medical anesthesiologist and respiratory therapist; our dental patients and parents value this complete dental team approach tremendously.

Seeing our pediatric dentist may be completely covered by your insurance plan and is much more affordable than you may think. Payment plans are also available, plus we offer coverage through HealthSmart Financial Services.  The value of instilling positive dental experiences and comprehensive care from a young age can save money and dental anxiety in the long run.

Our Country Dental pediatric dentists in Toronto, Cambridge, and Fergus also provide emergency dental services and are here to give your children a wonderful dental experience as well as take care of their teeth. 

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